Minecraft for Social Impact

For some time I have been interested in Minecraft and how it might be used as an educational tool and a vehicle for civic/social good.  Here, I am compiling links that push the game into spheres that benefit our communities and the people within them.  

Please share your suggestions. Feel free to message me on Twitter @danielscib. Thanks. 

Research Papers:

Using Minecraft for Youth Participation in Urban Design and Governance - PDF from the United Nations

Civic Crafting: The Potential of Minecraft for Municipal Civic Engagement - research paper

A Deep Hierarchical Approach to Lifelong Learning in Minecraft

Social Good:

Great Fire 1666: The Great Fire of London in Minecraft

Minecrafting the Museum

Citizen Engagement: Hacking Cities With Minecraft

Climate Hope City: how Minecraft can tell the story of climate change

Minecraft Humanity – Refugee Crisis

Minecrafting with OS OpenData and UK cities in Minecraft – in pictures


Teachercraft: How Teachers Learn to Use Minecraft in their Classrooms

Minecraft expansion successfully tricks students into learning


Block by Block - Since 2012, Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, and UN-Habitat, the United Nations programme for sustainable cities, have been collaborating on an innovative programme in which Minecraft is used as a community participation tool in the design of urban public spaces. Here are related slides and also see the video below.


How I connected with my autistic son through video games

My Mother’s House explores death, grief and memories as a Minecraft poem