Note-Taking / Information Organization

You are only standing on the welcome mat of the notebook rabbit hole here, so be careful….but I wanted to get you started.  


Keeping notes


Note Taking Techniques

Digital Tools Beyond Evernote and Google Docs

Encouraging you to write

Discovered during my research, I thought a number of these filled unique niches:


  • Bear Notes 
  • Notational Velocity - simple, easy note taking tool for Mac that stores locally. nvALT - a modified version of Notational Velocity with additional features. Both can sync with Simplenote. (I like it as a distraction free writing space.)
  • Together


  • DevonThink - apparently it can make connections between your notes/documents, extract key words and more….got my attention.
  • Mendeley - reference manager and academic social network

Sticky Notes/Corkboard


  • Workflowy - digital outlining, notes fold (hide) into elements higher in the hierarchy, see also Dynalist
  • Gingko App (outlining?) 


  • Scapple - the love child of mindmapping and a text editor
  • Tinderbox - visualize notes via mindmaps and see them as a timeline
  • Bubble Browser - visually explore your Evernote notebooks