For years, teachers have used a variety of materials to inspire student writing.  A classic method is the "picture prompt" which consists simply of a photo and a piece of lined paper.  The photo was typically cut from National Geographic or another readily available magazine and partnered, sometimes with the help of glue, with the paper.  The photo acted as diving board for student writing.

The Picture Prompt Generator app is the modern version which harnesses the power of Google search and the versatility of Docs.  Students begin by searching keywords.  Images populate the screen and the user selects certain pictures which get placed in a "cart" at the bottom of the screen.  Images can be added or removed from the cart. When the user is content with the images in the cart, he/she clicks a simple "Create Document".  The images are then automatically embedded into a Google document that appears in the user's Drive.

I worked on initial concept and consulted throughout the design process but much of the heavy lifting was done by Ashish Nandwani and Krutika Shah, two amazing software engineers who were able to make my vision a reality.  The app will soon be released for public use.

Created at the St. Hacktrick's Day educational hackathon.


The wireframe proposal.

Picture Prompt Generator Beta after 6 hours of coding.

Picture Prompt Generator Final Version?