My name is Daniel. I am a teacher, community builder and entrepreneur.

I am constantly working to accelerate meaningful education projects through collaboration, technology and unique events.

I am a teacher with over 18 years of experience in language classrooms.  I consult, speak and train across the U.S.  I am happy reading Where the Wild Things Are to a class of first graders and comfortable presenting methods of innovation for strategic planning at a national conference.  I currently work as an Instructional Designer with Ellevation where we build software for educators working with English Language Learners.

I am a community builder who has organized Edcamps, hackathons, a Meetup group, and a Pro Action Café.  In 2015, I co-founded Princeton Innovates, a non-profit group that works to elevate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Princeton, NJ.  

As an entrepreneur focused on social and education spheres, I am on the co-founding team of June Labs, a startup working with technology companies and educators to consult, design and develop better teaching and learning tools.  I have collaborated on educational technology projects with Quill, Rosetta Stone, Mindprint Learning, Teachers Pay Teachers, Teaching Channel, and Learn Trials.  I coached teams at Startup Weekend EDU in New York City and reviewed educational software for the iZone.  Recently, I started building tools to support teachers using project based learning to develop language, academic and 21st century skills. 

I speak Spanish.  I can talk language acquisition and teaching pedagogy, chat about APIs and user experience, discuss lean startup and Pro Action Café.  And I still manage to sleep 7 hours a night and read bedtime stories to my children. 

Take a look around and if there is common ground, let's connect and have a cold glass of horchata.